Rotatortrafic FAQs

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services
where web site owners trade traffic.
Other members of Rotatortrafic will
view your web site when you visit the
sites of other members.
Please be sure to claim the credit
and cash prizes you win.

How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu
to start viewing sites from other members.
You will earn credits for every site you view.
Your site will receive one hit for each credit
that you assign to your site.

How do I Make Money?

It is very easy to make money with RotatorTrafic
and you can do this in many different ways.
The easiest way is simply to surf and
win cashprizes and surfer rewards we have
a low $10 minimum payout.
Request a payout (paypal only)
simply by posting a supportticket.
You will receive your money within
a couple of days.